Level Up Your Organization’s DEI Outcomes

Hi, I’m Ivan Lee

I’m a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant with 15 years of experience leading change initiatives at organizations such as Apple, AmeriCorps, and T-Mobile.

I developed the Level Up framework from my experience improving the DEI programs at those organizations. The framework focuses on helping organizations and leaders overcome challenges that have been hindering their growth and effectiveness, and enabling their people to thrive.

What Is the Level Up Framework?

The Level Up Framework consists of four parts:

Observe and Identify Root Problem and Causes

Connect Solutions to Team’s Motivation

Implement Solutions through Infrastructure Change

Measure Results and Make Adjustments

Case Studies

Case Study: DEI Training at Fortune 100 Company

Applying the Level Up framework led to an increase of cultural training completion, a reduction of completion time, and a near-perfect rating on the new training curriculum.

Case Study: Speaking Up at Fortune 100 Company

After identifying barriers, we successfully advocated for a change from a “Speak Up” policy to a “Stand Up” policy; shifting company culture from merely enforcing regulated behaviors to encouraging and building a positive culture of respect.

Case Study: DEI Mentoring Program

When a Fortune 100 Company was having difficulty retaining underrepresented talent, we launched a mentoring program to provide employees with opportunities to learn critical business skills and create new partnerships.

Is there a way I can help you and your organization?