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After five years of rapid growth, New Era Community Services* had been stagnant for the past two years. The organization experienced retention challenges and the leadership questioned the efficacy of their after-school program. Their CEO, Sam, reached out to me to discuss how to design a learning & development program that would engage employees and volunteers. He also wanted me to review and update their curriculum.

I worked with Sam to assess their talent development needs and design an L&D program that would embed continuous learning into New Era’s DNA. I then helped with implementing the program, which included program management and garnering buy-in from the board of directors, offering workshops and training for employees and volunteers, and measuring the engagement and efficacy of the program using Kirkpatrick’s Levels. I also updated their after school curriculum to better engage learners, imbedding the latest industry practices including Flipped-Classroom, Appreciative Inquiry, and Social Emotional Learning.

The L&D program helped to increase employee and volunteer engagement, retention improved by double digits in the year following the implementation, and the new curriculum was a hit with both the students and the staff.

*The names have been changed to respect confidentiality.


Here’s the simple 2-step methodology I use in my L&D Consulting:

  • Design L&D Program

    • Needs assessment – understand and clarify the challenge, which could be an acute problem to resolve or a growth opportunity to pursue
    • Strength-based analysis – bring clarity to how organizational strengths can contribute to the solution
    • Work with key stakeholders to design courses and training aligned with the organizational goals
  • L&D Program Delivery

    • Build organizational capacity to deliver L&D program; train-the-trainer
    • Review course offerings and their relation to desired business and learning objectives
    • Measure and assess learning effectiveness, employee engagement, and cost

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