Conference Planning

Each meeting occurs at the precise moment for which it was meant. Usually, when it will have the greatest impact on our lives.


Indigo T-shirts* was a quickly growing social enterprise with new offices opening in various cities across the US. They wanted to plan their first company-wide conference to bring together all their staff but did not have anyone on their team who had the expertise or capacity for this project. They hired me to help.

Four months before the event we started the planning process, working with the owners to clarify the vision and desired results for the conference. We decided the vision would be to build unity around Indigo T-shirt’s future and the desired results would be increased employee engagement.

My team and I booked and coached speakers, marketed the event, coordinated with the venue, caterers, and travel providers, directed the conference, and performed follow-up and debriefing afterward. 95% of attendees said that attending the conference helped them feel more connected to the company’s vision. The owners decided to run the conference again the following year.

*The names have been changed to respect confidentiality.


I provide end to end project management for organizations wanting to host multi-day conferences and leadership events. My process includes:

  • Purpose, Vision & Desired Results
  • ROI and Business Tie-In
  • Planning & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Scheduling & Seasonal Considerations
  • Workshop Content Development & Review
  • Speaker Rehearsal and Coaching
  • Event Management & Logistics (Coordination with Venue, Caterers, Travel Providers)
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Day-of Facilitation and Moderating
  • Follow-up and Debrief (Takeaways)

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