Case Study: Onboarding at Major Telecom Company

Leveling up Training Engagement

The Challenge:

Compliance training at this major telecom company was being ignored. People considered it dull, repetitive, too much reading, and too time-consuming. It was fully web-based, antiquated, and text-heavy. People didn’t think it was worth their time. In addition, there was no accountability; leaders didn’t keep managers accountable for completing the training so managers didn’t keep employees accountable. I was tasked with changing this attitude toward training.


To get a clearer sense of the problem, I spent three months assessing the company’s needs. I visited many of the retail stores, learned how they did training, observed call centers and saw how they were trained and how they took calls. I observed various roles and responsibilities and figured out what was going well and what needed improvement.


Beginning with our own legal leadership team who had become uninspired by past work developed by vendors, I helped them see how they could increase ethical behavior by developing better training in-house. The existing training was compiled from generic content that vendors had produced and they were not relevant to our organization’s culture and values.

We worked on revamping the training through videos starring the leadership team, which gave them new energy and vitality. My time in the retail stores and call centers gained me trust and credibility among employees. We wrote a company-wide letter and posted it on the front page of our intranet, explaining the new training, its format and benefits. Our company had a strong “do it the right way” culture and improving the training allowed people to connect with this value.


Engaging senior leadership in the process, we revamped the training material by recording new videos with revised language and standardized curriculum to reflect the company’s values. We replaced the old off-the-shelf, generic, and text-heavy content. We also developed a leader version that included communication templates and email templates for passing the training onto their teams and keeping them accountable.


Since revising the training material, we have seen increased training completion (98% of employees complete cultural training within a month of assignment, up from less than 90%) as well as increased speed of training completion (we reduced completion time by 25%). We’ve also seen increased accountability and received majority positive feedback on our current courses. With over 1000 internal Yelp-style reviews, the average rating is 4.8/5. In developing the new curriculum, I was able to gain executive buy-in as well. More people are completing training and they’re completing it faster, leading to an increase in ethical culture and behavior.